Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set

Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set

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The dark, simmering sound, agitated bite and "Tone Projection" design of the HHX Series makes this Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal Set series more effective than others. Other cymbals may generate darkness, but HHX stirs up more simmering heat, more musical dirt, more of what drummers want to hear and projects it. 

And this exclusive series will get you heard.

With their touch-sensitive response, Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Hi-Hats deliver glassy, shimmering responses, and project even the busiest sticking with crisp clarity. Warm, explosive response is fast and shimmering for increased projection and cut. A best-selling Core model, the Sabian 16" HHX Evolution Crash is a quick, aggressive crash. The 18" Evolution Ozone Crash is perforated with 2" holes, and this innovative crash cymbal delivers raw, dark and dirty bite. The 21" HHX Evolution Ride combines crisp attack and warm undertones for a shimmering ride with excellent crash capability.

Tech Specs

  • Series: HHX
  • Ride: 12012XEB 20" Evolution Ride
  • Crash 1 : 11606XEB 16" Evolution Crash
  • Crash 2 : 11800XEB 18" Evolution O-Zone Crash
  • Hi Hats: 11402XEB 14" Evolution Hi-hats
  • Material: B20