On-Stage Stands MS7625B Hex-Base Quarter-Turn Threadless Mic Stand

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Here's a mic stand you can count on to be not only sturdy — 9 lbs. to be exact — but also easy to use. The threadless Hex-Base Quarter-Turn Mic Stand features an innovative, quarter-turn attach-and-remove system. In one easy motion, push down and turn the shaft one quarter clockwise to lock, or push down and turn one quarter counterclockwise to remove. And the unique, ample-sized hex-shaped base gives you plenty of room for foot placement as well as exceptional stability — great for stage or studio.

On-Stage Stands Hex-Base Quarter-Turn Threadless Mic Stand Features:

  • Easy quarter-turn feature makes removal and attachment simple
  • Adjustable 33"–61" height provides options for exploring studio space
  • Sturdy 6-pound base gives you peace of mind your mic and stand won't get knocked over

Tech Specs

  • Height: 33"-61"
  • Base Type: Hex-Base
  • Weighted Base: Yes
  • Base Spread: 11.5"
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (base)