Marshall 1959HW 100-watt Handwired Tube Head

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When guitarists talk about the sweet Plexi tones of '60s rock, they're talking about the same tones you'll get from the Marshall 1959HW tube guitar amplifier head. The all-tube signal path of the 1959HW is ready to roar with a unique and responsive character that begs to be played. This 100-watt legend is handwired by the masters at Marshall, for optimum tone and incredibly reliable performance. So just plug in, hook up your big speaker stack, and start another rock revolution with the Marshall 1959HW tube guitar amplifier head!

While guitarists can debate endlessly about whether there are tonal benefits to handwired amplifiers, we do know that the Marshall 1959HW was handwired by the amp masters at Marshall, just like the Plexi heads from the late '60s that it's based on. One nice thing about the handwired design is that the fuses have been moved to be more accessible, making them easier to change if one happens to blow. Whether you believe it affects tone or just like the extra attention to detail, the 1959HW's handwired construction means every inch of it was inspected by a Marshall amplifier pro.

The 1959HW tube amp head packs 100-watts of power into a 2-channel design. It's not a quiet amplifier, but if you're lucky enough to be able to crank the 1959HW into its sweet spot you'll have the tone that shaped the sound of rock. Three ECC83 preamp tubes and four EL34 power tubes provide the mojo, with a 3-band EQ and a presence control for tone shaping.

Just like the original Plexis, the 1959HW sports two non-footswitchable channels. Each channel has high- and low-sensitivity inputs to accommodate a variety of guitar pickups. A favorite trick of many guitarists is to bridge the two channels using a patch cable: plug your guitar into the top input of channel one, then connect a patch cable from channel one's bottom input to the top input of channel two. This allows you to use both gain stages in each channel for even more tonal versatility.

Marshall 1959HW Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • Handwired, all-tube guitar amplifier based on '60s Plexi amplifiers
  • 100-watts of power for a loud, clear, articulate character
  • High- and low-sensitivity inputs on each channel accommodate any guitar's pickups
  • 2 speaker outputs for connecting extension cabinets
  • Gold Perspex front and back panels, just like the original