Ashly digiMIX24 24-Channel Digital Mixer

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The digiMix24 from Ashly comes in a light and compact chassis and is designed as a versatile and user-friendly 24-channel digital console, ideal for mixing live sound in worship and educational facilities, and for recording in project studios.

The unit combines the feel of traditional analog mixers with the convenience and flexibility of a recallable digital mixer. The live-control surface features real knobs, a motorized 100mm fader which can be assigned to any individual channel, and an Intelligent Meter Bridge that displays signal levels and fader positions. Use the 7" color-LCD touchscreen to navigate sub menus and toggle various settings quickly and intuitively. The unit offers an EZ Mode with simplified and secure control for non-technical users in schools or houses of worship, and a Normal Mode with the depth and flexibility expected by audio professionals.

The digiMix24 comes with 16 Class-A microphone preamps, 16 line inputs, and 14 mix buses configurable in two Performance Modes, with either eight aux outputs or a combination of four aux & four subgroup outputs. DSP options abound, with 33 channels of dynamic and equalization processing, a 31-band graphic EQ, and two stereo effects processors with reverb, delay, chorus and more. Other features include individual channel delay in 0.2 ms increments (up to 300 ms) for easy sync of video and audio, a USB interface for stereo recording and playback, and user presets to save, load, or copy setups.

Additionally, the software can be controlled wirelessly with the companion app for iOS, allowing the user to set stage-monitor volumes or to mix from different places in the venue. Optional cards provide Dante 32-channel connectivity and USB connectivity for 32-channel multitrack recording or playback (both cards available separately).



  • Digital mixing console with 24 inputs x 14 mix buses
  • 32-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit DSP processing, 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 16 discrete Ashly Class-A mic/line combo inputs
  • Offers two performance modes – 24 x 8 aux channels or 24 x 4 aux / 4 subgroups
  • Live-control surface with physical controls 
  • 7" color-LCD touchscreen for graphical viewing, assigning, and setup
  • Precision Alps motorized 100mm fader
  • Intelligent meters display input levels and fader's volume position
  • EZ-Mode for secure, simplified touchscreen or iPad control
  • Eight separate Aux outputs, eight separate channel inserts
  • 33 channels of DSP processing – Expander/Gate, Comp/Limiter, PEQ
  • 31-band graphic EQ for Main, Aux, and Subgroup outputs
  • Two stereo FX processors with 12 digital FX – Reverb, Delay, Chorus & more
  • Six DCA groups for level, mute, and solo
  • Stereo-solo any channels or mix bus
  • User presets for DSP channel, GEQ, FX, and scene settings, plus channel-copy function
  • Individual channel delays in 0.2 ms increments, up to 300 ms for easy sync of video and audio playback
  • USB 2-track audio lets you record and play back in stereo
  • Control software using Windows or Mac, or wirelessly with iOS app
  • Compact and light at under 20 lb for portability