Ashly digiMIX 18 18-Channel Digital Mixer

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Ashly digiMIX 18

The digiMIX 18 from Ashly comes in a light and compact chassis and is designed as a versatile and user-friendly 18-channel digital console, ideal for mixing live sound in small performance spaces, as well as worship and educational facilities. It's also well suited for recording in project studios.

The unit combines the feel of traditional analog mixers with the convenience and flexibility of a recallable digital mixer. The live-control surface features real knobs, a single motorized 100mm fader which can be assigned to any individual channel, and an Intelligent Meter Bridge that displays signal levels and fader positions. Use the 7" color-LCD touchscreen to navigate sub menus and toggle various settings quickly and intuitively. The unit offers an EZ-Mode with simplified and secure control for non-technical users in schools or houses of worship, and a Normal Mode with the depth and flexibility expected by audio professionals.

The digiMix18 comes with 16 Class-A microphone preamps, 8 auxiliary channels with dedicated outputs, programmable 48V phantom power for all 16 mic pres with status LED button display, and a programmable automix mode for the 16 mic pre channels. DSP options abound, with dynamic and equalization processing, a 31-band graphic EQ, and two stereo effects processors with reverb, delay, chorus, and more. Other features include modular expandability via optional Dante and USB cards, which provide 18 digital inputs and up to 30 digital outputs. Selectable digital audio channel-insert points allow you to record, process in native mode, and/or playback from your favorite DAW using the optional USB-3018 card.

16 low noise mic/line preamps with Neutrik combo jacks, dedicated trim controls, +48V phantom power, and phase invert
Includes rack ears for mounting to a standard 19" equipment rack
Automixer (gain sharing), individually assignable to input channels 1 thru 16
Stereo line-level input on 1/4" jacks
Cross-fade mode for panning between any two assigned channels
TRS inserts on channels 1 thru 8
8 aux sends, assignable pre/post
6 DCAs for fader or mute groups
2 stereo effects buses (FX) with fully editable reverbs, delay with tap tempo, tremolo, flanger, and chorus
7" color LCD touch screen for graphical viewing, assign, and setup
Wired network interface for iPad remote control using Ashly digiMIX18 downloadable app, available free on the App Store
EZ-Mode for secure, simplified touchscreen or iPad control
100mm precision, motorized fader
Pan control
High resolution delay (0.2mS) on every main L/R output, input 1 thru 18, aux 1 thru 8, or FX1-2
Expander/noise gate on every input and FX channel
Compressor/limiter on every input, output, and FX channel
4-band parametric/shelving EQ filters plus HPF/LPF on every input, output, and FX channel
31-band graphic EQ on main L/R and aux 1 thru 8 outputs
Stereo link available on inputs 1 thru 16 and aux 1 thru 8 outputs
Solo/PFL on every input, main L/R output, aux 1 thru 8, or FX1-2
Stereo main L/R output on XLR and 1/4" phone jacks with dedicated level control
Headphone and control room outputs with level control
User presets for scene settings, DSP channel settings, FX settings, or GEQ settings, plus channel copy function
24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit DSP processing, 48 kHz sampling rate
Password security
Utility programs for Windows and Mac for preset backup/restore and firmware update
Internal 100 to 240 VAC universal power supply