Allen and Heath M-DANTE-A Dante Option Module for iLive-T/GLD Systems

Allen and Heath M-DANTE-A Dante Option Module for iLive-T/GLD Systems

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The Allen & Heath M-Dante Interface Card is an Ethernet compliant, AVB-ready audio networking solution created and developed by Audinate. It provides high performance digital media networking that meets the quality requirements of professional live sound, AV installations, and broadcast and recording systems. Dante is built on standard Internet Protocols over Ethernet. It distributes multiple streams of digital audio plus integrated control data and clock, with sub millisecond latency, sample-accurate playback synchronization, extreme reliability, and high channel count.

Dante can be used for iLive or GLD expansion and integration with third party devices. Playback and recording without any third party audio interface are possible thanks to the Dante Virtual Soundcard.

It is also suitable for linking iLive and GLD systems together: typically for front of house/monitor systems where digital splits of the microphone preamps in one system are sent over Cat5 cable to the second system. This provides independent trim, EQ, processing, FX, and mix-bus structure for each system.

The Dante interface card gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels and can be fitted to the Port B expansion slot in iLive fixed format MixRacks (iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48 & iDR-64) or expander (xDR-16), iLive modular MixRacks (iDR-0, iDR-10), and Port A of iLive surfaces 80/112/144/176 if they are fitted with the RAB-2 standard with appropriate firmware version installed (1.71 or higher). It can also be fitted to the I/O Module expansion slot in GLD-80.

Cables up to 328.08' in length can be used. Cat5e or Cat6 cables are required for Gigabit networks and premium touring-grade flexible cables are preferable for live PA work.

This interface card can be fitted easily. It is installed (front-mounted) with the power off, and has two screws to secure it in place. The module has 3 Gigabit ports. The Control Network port allows connection of a laptop for control of the Dante network using Audinate Dante Controller software. The Primary and Secondary links are designed to work as two separate Dante networks to provide redundancy. Do not connect these networks together.

  • 64 channel bi-directional audio plus control over CAT5
  • Uses standard, off-the-shelf computer networking equipment
  • Self discovery and auto-configuration of IP addresses
  • Easy to add, name, remove, and rearrange devices
  • Wide range of Dante enabled equipment becoming available
  • Secondary port for redundant network option
  • Control port to bridge iLive or other network over Dante
  • Sample accurate playback synchronization
  • Very low latency
  • Gigabit ports
  • Direct connection to computer for multi-track recording
  • Dante Virtual Sound card software replaces expensive hardware
  • Dante Controller software available for setting up the network