Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hi-hat Cymbals - 13.25"

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The Zildjian 13.25" K Custom Hybrid hi-hat cymbal pair provides great tonality and powerful sound while offering a high degree of control. This 13.25" hybrid hi-hat pair gives you the power of a 14" set with the control of a 13" pair. Ideal for both recording and live applications, the 13.25" K Custom Hybrid hi-hat pair features Mastersound "hybrid hammering on the bottom cymbal. Zildjian increased the surface area where the cymbals contact each other, resulting in a warmer "chick" sound from the 13.25" K Custom Hybrid hi-hat pair.

Tech Specs

  • Type: Hi-hats
  • Size: 13.25"
  • Finish: Hybrid
  • Top Weight: Medium Thin
  • Bottom Weight: Medium
  • Material: B20, Cast Bronze
  • Sound: Solid Chick
  • Volume: Project
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Pitch: Low/Medium
  • Balance: Cut
  • Bell Size: Small